Admit it, shooting guns without live rounds is, frankly, a little boring.

But if you take it seriously, dry firing is one of the best ways to squash bad habits, develop good ones, and make the most of your firearm ownership.

We're in favor of promoting dry fire practice, especially during the times in which you're stuck at home, but don't want to cause harm to your gun. So how are you supposed to do it?

Luckily, there are safe and smart ways to go about it, specifically by using Tipton Snap Caps.

The Snap Caps Advantage

Snap Caps have a ton of uses for the home and around the bench. Generally speaking, you shouldn't drop the firing pin on an empty chamber, and that's avoided when you use Snap Caps for your favorite guns. It's not just about dry fire practice. It is important for doing maintenance and making adjustments too.

Here are a few ways Snap Caps will help promote safe gun handling, firearm longevity, and a keen sense of knowledge when it comes to your gun cabinet.

Snap Cap Uses

For one, you should always use Snap Caps when checking or adjusting the trigger pull. Each pull results in a dropped firing pin, which over time will cause changes to the accuracy and performance of your gun. If you fill that empty chamber with a Snap Cap, you'll be preserving the precious features that probably led you to buy the gun in the first place.

If you prefer to release the tension on the hammer springs when storing your guns, Snap Caps are ideal. They'll keep everything in tip-top shape for the next time you pull them out of the safe.

Of course, the most obvious use of Snap Caps is dry fire practice. When trips to the shooting range become scarce, or you're looking to continue your training without spending as much time, money, and resources, it's the perfect opportunity to use your guns with the safety and practicality measures Snap Caps can provide.

Whether you're honing your self-defense skills, practicing different angled shots from a treestand, or trying to speed up your time for 3-Gun, you're going to find dry firing with Snap Caps a serious benefit.

No matter what your needs might be, Snap Caps are super useful and rather inexpensive.